About Us

GRUPO INMOBILIARIO EXIT, with its main office is Avda. Santa Amalia, 28 in Fuengirola, is one of the reference names on the Costa del Sol within the real estate sector.

Since its inception in 2004, we are one of the leading real estate companies on the west coast of Málaga, leader in the residential management of first and second homes, and with presence in different municipalities of the Costa del Sol, from Benalmádena to Estepona. We have an extensive track record, recognized prestige and a great team of professionals who work constantly in the process of selling our projects, to offer our clients the best option.

In GRUPO EXIT we have a great combined offer that includes second hand properties and promotions of new construction in the Costa del Sol, both through our own agents, as well as through a wide network of collaborative real estate with which it has agreements with the Order to multiply the effectiveness of the sale. To achieve our objectives, we have strong advertising tools such as extensive databases, hiring the most leading websites both national and foreign and constant updating of properties, which help us to publicize, advertise and position ourselves within the real estate market .

In addition to the purely commercial work carried out by our team of agents in Exit Group, we accompany the customer in the whole process of buying, starting this with a conomical study of their conditions, in order to seek the product more in line with their possibilities. Once found your home, we accompany you throughout the process. We also have, in parallel, a customer service that includes translators, lawyers or tax advisors, among others, to help and advise the client at any stage of the sale process.